Social Welfare

TH Charity Event

TH Charity Event

No one is being left-out during pandemic.

With the aim of giving back to society, Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare Centre is prudent when it comes to use of funding and resources from the public. We strive to help less fortunate groups, making them feel the warmth and care for from others.

In 2021, the rampant COVID-19 pandemic has left many families struggling to put food on the table. In July 2021, we initiated the "TH Caring Fund" program to distribute daily essentials and other items to those in need. However, due to the Movement Control Order, we were only able to set up 10 distribution centers within Klang Valley, with local volunteers helping to distribute supplies to people in their respective areas.

At the same time, Klang Than Hsiang Jing Yuan worked together with other volunteer organizations to centralize the distribution of relief supplies and meal/lunch boxes to Orang Asli/aborigines and lower-income families in Klang Valley and Bentong, Pahang. We also worked hand in hand with Klang Sunday to distribute meal/lunch boxes to the needy and homeless people in Klang.

In less than a month, Malaysia had reached its peak in the pandemic and healthcare workers were overwhelmed with the surge in cases. Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare Centre then started the “RM20” initiative to raise funds for medical supplies at Klang General Hospital. Despite the pandemic slowing down and the opening of economy sector, there was still a demand for relief supplies. The distribution program was renamed "TH Charity Event".

TH Disaster Relief

We Care We Share~

Many areas in Peninsular Malaysia were severely affected by floods at the end of 2021 due to heavy monsoon rainfall. Houses were damaged, and people lost almost all of their belongings. Klang Than Hsiang Jing Yuan acted as a central coordinating center and was fortunate to have many volunteers came forward to help in distribution of relief supplies to flood victims and help in cleaning up after the massive floods.

When the floods subsided, we continued to gather all sorts of resources and channel them to government flats, Orang Asli aboriginal villages, B40 single-parent families, and various associations for people with disabilities. Together, we share our love and care, reminding them that they are not forgotten, especially during festive seasons.

With the help of school teachers, we managed to get new school bags, shoes, and other school supplies for students in need. We hope to provide financial aid for them in the future.

Meanwhile, we also provide free medical equipment for loan, such as household/home oxygen concentrators, manual hospital beds, foldable wheelchairs, adjustable crutches, and more.

TH Bento of Love

The cost of living is soaring, and ordinary families are facing financial pressure, let alone poor families and the homeless that are living in abject poverty. In order to provide people in need with food, Than Hsiang volunteers will regularly distribute TH Caring Dinner Box at selected locations.

A donation of RM 5 can help poor families have a proper meal. If you wish to support this meaningful project, you may donate to:

【Bank Name】CIMB Bank

【Account Name】Than Hsiang Buddhist Welfare Association, WP & Sel

【Account Number】8007608243

【Remark】TH Caring Fund + donor name

Please WhatsApp the bank transfer receipt to +6010-2593493, so that our staff can issue an official receipt to you.

You may also donate white rice, oil, salt, sugar, mushrooms, mee hoon, biscuits, canned peanuts, etc. to the address below:

Tham Wah Wan Temple, No 196, Batu 3 1/4, Jalan Klang Lama 58000 Kuala Lumpur

TH Free Traditional Chinese Medicine

The current high-pressure lifestyle and unhealthy dietary habits have made strokes a common occurrence in our lives. Once a stroke occurs, rehabilitation becomes a long-term battle. According to data released by the Malaysian Ministry of Health in September 2022, stroke is the third leading cause of death after heart disease and pneumonia, with an average of 25 deaths from stroke occurring every day. Among stroke survivors, 55% of them experience a loss of mobility. Strokes have a significant impact on the lives of patients and their families, necessitating substantial emotional and financial support.

In order to assist stroke patients and their families, Than Hsiang (KL/Selangor) Buddhist Welfare Association in collaboration with the Nanyang Press Foundation, to launch Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) free consultation aimed on assisting stroke patients and their families. The clinic officially began on May 3rd in Sungai Buloh, Selangor. It operates every Wednesday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, allowing stroke patients and their families to schedule appointment and seek consultation from qualified TCM practitioners. The TCM consultations are conducted by registered TCM practitioners, Li Qianyi and Xie Wenling. Both of them are registered TCM practitioners with the Malaysian Ministry of Health and the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturists Associations of Malaysia.

This free TCM consultation is open to individuals of all races. In addition to providing care for stroke patients and their families, individuals with disabilities, the elderly, and underprivileged families in need can also make appointment for consultation. Since the start of the TCM free consultation, among the patients seeking consultation, they are stroke survivors as well as individuals suffering from chronic diseases. These patients, who come from B40 households, suffer greatly from the pain and torture of their illnesses.

TH Free Medical Equipment Rental Service

While we are slowly recovering from the COVID pandemic, the recent trend of price hikes in the country is very worrying. It could be another disaster brewing if a family has to fork out a huge amount of money from their hard-earned income to purchase medical equipment for a loved one in need…In view of this, Than Hsiang Buddhist Welfare Association would like to share some good news with you all! The Association will be launching [FREE Medical Equipment Rental Service] to qualified recipients. The medical equipment includes wheelchair, walking cane/crutch, hemi walker, and medical bed.

As the number of units is limited, priority will be given to underprivileged families in KL & Selangor areas. For application and further information, please contact us through the contact details below. Terms & conditions applied.

TH Charity Event, Disaster Relief, Bento of Love, Free TCM, Free Medical Equipment Rental (Appointment Needed)

【Contact for Appointment】 +603-7971 9876 / +6010-259 3493 (WhatsApp)

【Enquiry Hours】 Monday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Sunday Off)