Mental Health Outreach

Have you ever felt lost and confused, uncertain about the direction of your life? Do you feel like no one truly understands you? Despite your desire to change, are there too many obstacles holding you back from seeking help?

If so, let us assist you.

The KL Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare Centre offers the "Mental Health Outreach" project. Under this project, mental health volunteers will go to the ground and reach out directly to the community in need of help to understand their situations and difficulties before rendering the necessary assistance. Ultimately, improve their quality of life and helping them to stand on their own feet again.

Mental Health Outreach (Appointment Needed)

【Contact for Appointment】 +603-7971 9876 / +6011-360 18303 (WhatsApp)

【Enquiry Hours】 Monday to Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (Sunday Off)

Our Goals

Support clients by listening and showing them that someone cares.

Refer clients who need help to appropriate resources.

Disseminate accurate and latest information on mental health.

Advocate for mental health well-being and accessibility to services.