Sunday Dharma Class

Children are like blank sheets of paper, by learning about the Dharma, children can cultivate positive qualities and learn how to get rid of bad habits, develop kind thoughts, cherish their blessings, and practice gratitude for what they have. This can help them to become well-behaved and grateful individuals.

In year 2004, when a group of volunteers were practicing their skills at Than Hsiang Mitra Welfare Center after completing their training, the then president of TWW temple, Chooi Shee Hoong (now Ven. Chen Cong) mooted the idea of running Children’s Sunday Dharma Class to cultivate positive attributes amongst children through dharma teachings. Hence, the Children’s Sunday Dharma Class was founded.

Since the Children's Sunday Dharma Class was established, 10 volunteers have taken on the task of managing the program. The structured teaching syllabus and materials provided by Ven. Zhen Yuan laid a strong foundation for students to learn the teachings of the Buddha gradually. This approach ensures that children can develop a deep understanding of Buddhist principles over time.

In a Dharma class, children learn Dharma songs and listen to Dharma stories. They also have the opportunity to participate in Buddhist camps and learn skills of making handicrafts. Through these activities, children develop various life skills and communication skills.

Sunday Dharma Class (Registration Needed)

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