Ancestral Tablet

Ancestral Tablet

The tradition of commemorate and respect for the ancestors is an inherent belief of the Chinese people. In ancient times, the ancestral tablets of the ancestors were enshrined in the family hall of ordinary people. Basically, during festivals, weddings and funerals, people must worship to their ancestors. This fully expressed the Chinese concept of filial piety, which combines Confucian ethics, the traditional idea of family supremacy, and the filial thought of ancestors venerating and remembering.

If you are interested, we welcome you to visit our temple and our temple representative will provide introduction and explanation to you!

We provide a complete package and excellent services in setting your ancestral memorial tablet :

All tablets can be enshrined forever

No service charge

Daily cleaning service

Cool, clean and bright environment

Large-scale Buddhism ritual prayers held throughout the year

Open daily from 9AM-430PM

Enshrining the ancestral tablet in the solemn and elegant Hall of Great Vows in Tham Wah Wan Temple will be your greatest choice. You are welcome to come to the temple for inquiries and visits.

Notes in Setting the Ancestral Tablet

  1. Location of the tablet : You can choose an available position, our temple representative will provide an introduction to you attentively.
  2. Tablet for worshipping : You may enshrine your deceased parents, relatives and ancestors in one tablet. We regret that we are not able to accept the tablet for the spirits of fetus, infant, karmic relatives or pet. The public may purchase the worship tablet for themselves or their living family members well in advance.
  3. Procedures in purchasing a worship tablet :
    • Fill in the “Gong De Tang (the Hall of Merit) Application Form”. Applicant is required to provide the tablet beneficiary personal particulars, such as name, NRIC number, date of death (if applicable), etc.
    • Submit 2 photos (size please refer to PIC) of the tablet beneficiary (if like to include a photo on the tablet), except for family’s ancestors.
    • One-time payment and no deposit is required.
  4. Time required for the production of the worship tablet - It takes 14 days to complete a worship tablet.

The Ceremony of Worship Tablet Installation (or Rising)

  1. Date : Family members to set a date and notify the person in charge of Gong De Tang (the Hall of Merit) as earliest as possible.
  2. Time : The temple will hold the ceremony of entering the niche at 10:00 am on Sunday.
  3. Venue : The temple will hold the ceremony at the Gong De Tang (the Hall of Merit). The family members should arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony, and, to place the ashes and offerings in the Gong De Tang (the Hall of Merit).
  4. Participants : Family members are invited to participate in the ceremony and chant with devotion to transfer the merits to the departed.
  5. Offerings :
    1. Meal + tea (usually 3 dishes and 1 bowl of rice; and, the offerings must be vegetarian meal and egg-free).
    2. Fruits (usually 3 kinds of fruits, the quantity can be plus or minus).
    3. Pastries (common Chinese pastries, such as Ang Ku Kueh (Red Tortoise Cake), Fa Gao (Prosperity Cake), Mi Gao (Steamed Brown/White Sugar Rice Cake), etc.
    4. Flowers (a few blooms or several stalks).
    5. For the above a to d, family members are advised either to buy or to prepare in advance.
  6. Electronic lights (traditional candles or lotus candles are prohibited) – Family members may purchase from the temple’s front desk.
  7. The process of worship tablet installation (or rising) : In order to ensure smooth process of worship tablet installation, there will be dedicated staff from the Gong De Tang (the Hall of Merit) to guide you through the whole process. At the beginning of the ceremony, chanting master will lead the participants to chant the sutra.